Weight Loss Methods You May Not Have Thought Of

Perhaps all the weight loss tips and diets that you’ve followed are not the magic cure at all? There may be a few other practices you did not think of to help you lose weight quickly. In addition to your New Year’s new diet approach you may want to look into adding some of these practices to help move your weight loss along. Diet and exercise are important but there is also a “mind” element you may want to consider.


While researchers are still not in agreement with the benefits of hypnosis to your diet and exercise regiment some doctors are saying that focusing your concentration using  this method may help your mind process common hiccups. Affirmations and hypnotic suggestions help to train the mind to allow the diet and exercise choices to take effect. But the recipient of the hypnosis must believe it is working and must be motivated to continue the treatment despite the results.


Like hypnosis focusing and quieting the mind is a valuable weight loss tool. Becoming aware of what you are eating and why is a great weapon in beating over eating for good. Spending a few minutes a day to quiet your mind and focus your breathe teaches you to become more mindful and present in your thinking. Carrying this thinking through your day may help you catch yourself from making mindless decisions about what you are eating.


This is one of the most commonly known Chinese medicinal practices working on removing blocks in your “flow” or “qi” known in Chinese practices as your life force. However modern medicine still has it’s doubts on the effects of acupuncture on weight loss. Some believe that since acupuncture helps you relax it reduces the stress that may cause the user to over eat in the first place.

These are just a few practices you may want to consider to add to your normal weight loss routine. A new year may bring new resolutions, try actually achieving them by focusing not just on your diet and exercise programs but on quieting your mind and reducing stress that may be causing you to overeat.


  1. acupuncture is good to try. But i need to find where to get the therapy

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