Kore HCG Diet Review

Fresh off the shelf of Kore Sports Nutrition is the Kore HCG Diet. The diet is their most efficient and powerful product they have released to date. If you are looking for a quality place to buy HCG online, Kore HCG Diet is what your looking for. The company is offering their new customers a free 30 day trial. Taking advantage of this trial allows you to see the weight loss power the HCG diet offers before you actually buy the product. HCG diet drops have been giving individuals the ability to take HCG in the comfort of their homes. Even with Kore’s recent release, many have reported successful weight loss already.

While you’re following the HCG protocol, you will see amazing improvements to your body weight almost as soon as you begin the program. Dieters see around .05 to 3 pounds per day if following the program correctly. To achieve the maximum weight loss per day, you must follow through with a low calorie diet while taking HCG. Your allowed calories for the low calorie diet is 500. While this may sound low, it’s as much as your body needs while taking HCG. The hormone harnesses the power to curb your appetite. To reach your goal weight loss, exercise is not need to lose weight on this diet. But if you choose to partake in light exercises you can. Any heavy exercise should be avoided while on the low calorie diet.

Some individuals have reported less than satisfactory results while following the protocol. However, this is a rare occurrence compared to the success stories. Most experiences of unsatisfactory results stem from dieters consuming extra additives hidden inside the foods they eat. Be sure to check each and every ingredient of the foods you consume daily. While on the HCG diet your body becomes a “open system”. This means that your body is highly sensitive to foods filled with negative fats, starches, and sugars. If you are eating these kinds of foods that contain any of these, you will see stalled weight loss or possible weight gain.

When you reach your weight goal, you should notice your metabolism will reset. The HCG diet should have burned the unhealthy abnormal fat your body has held on to for years. To maintain your new found body shape, it’s recommended to continue with a proper diet along with exercise.

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