The Benifits of Using the Best Fish Oil!

What’s the best fish oil supplement? There are many fish oils sold in the market today. You can see them lining up supermarket shelves. If you’re not fond of fish, you won’t even take a second look at the products and may just pass them by without even glancing at them. But what you don’t know is that you’re missing essential body nutrients that you your body badly needs.

People living near the sea are healthier than those living far from them, according to a research. It’s because of Omega-3 the major component of fish oil. It’s also found in vegetables and fruits but they are more abundantly found in fish oils. If you don’t like the smell or taste of fish; fish oil will suit you fine.

Omega-3 is a super antioxidant. It is not produced by the body but the body needs it to help in performing some vital metabolic processes. It’s responsible for the cell’s oxygenation which is significant for their uninterrupted homeostatic activities. The cells never stop working in order to supply the body the proteins it requires.

Now there are instances when the oxygen becomes defective. This is due to several factors such as pollutants, excessive UV ray exposure, our diet and more. It loses its hydrogen component and becomes an oxidant or free radicals instead. It attacks the cell’s oxygen supply and turns them into free radicals like themselves.

The cells are badly affected. The oxidants will continue attacking the cells all the while increasing in number. The body’s immune system is unable to protect the body because like the other cells their oxygen contents are also destroyed making them free radicals as well.

If the process is allowed to continue, the body becomes weaker and the individual becomes sicker every day. First, its coughs, colds, fever, weak body malaise and later on develops to cancer, diabetes and more. This is how we get sick.

It’s good to make it a habit of taking fish oil with omega-3 everyday. The antioxidant power of omega-3 will repair the abnormal free radicals back to normal by supplying them oxygen. The cells are converted back to normal and we go back to being healthy again but not if the illnesses are in their advance stages already. An Omega-3 a day will keep the free radicals away.

Omega-3 will help us how to lose fat weight also. The antioxidants have cleansing effect. The wastes stored in the body are flushed out together with some fats and because of this the body is able to lose some weight in the process. Now, that’s how best fish oil should be.


  1. Fish Oil is massive in nutrition, I take it everyday. People need to recognize the importance of fats in a balanced diet rather than avoiding them, great article.

  2. I only knew vegetable oil and olive oil but having fish oil in the supermarket is quite new to me. I can say this is the first time I heard about the products and the benefits that we could get if we will use it. Like everyone else I like to be healthy and I love fish so I might try this fish oil that you are saying. I will also tell my friends about this and the advantages that we can get.

  3. I am a health conscious guy and knowing the benefits of fish oil to our body makes me switch my regular oil into that. I am very happy to hear the advantages of it and the positive effects of fish oil especially on the heart for I am not getting younger so I need to be extra cautious on what I eat.

  4. When I heard that fish oil is good for our health, I asked my doctor about it and he said yes. He also said that regular consumption of fish oil aids in increasing your immunity thereby enabling you to resist incidence of common diseases such as cold, cough and flu.

  5. I take fish oil everyday because of the omega-3. I think the supplement can help us become more healthy and the fact that you can actually lose weight with regular intake makes it perfect for me.

  6. Fish oil is something that is not popular in our country though I saw one time a vitamin advertisement that has fish oil ingredients on it. Reading your article I can say that I am amazed on the benefits that one individual could get whose using it on their food.

  7. If you feel like you’re losing your mental edge, give fish oil a try. In addition to improving concentration, fish oil has also been shown to help you think more clearly and focus for longer periods of time.

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