The Importance of Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women!

What is a pelvic floor and why do we need to exercise them. They are really called pelvic floor muscles which are found at the bottom of the pelvis. They are responsible for supporting some of our pelvic organs and those that are found in our lower abdomen. Examples of the organs are the bladder and womb.

The muscle has three openings. These serve as passages for our urine, feces, and for women, one of the holes is used during baby’s delivery which controls the opening of the birth canals. The muscle is formed like a sling and is found traversing the area between the pubic bones found in the frontal part of the body going to the coccyx which is in the back part of the body. It’s a strong muscle for it size.

Pelvic floor exercises for women are performed to preserve the strength of the muscle in controlling the opening and closing of the holes. Inability to close the openings completely will cause a leak which leads to premature release of body wastes. When this happens you’ll be wearing a body diaper throughout your life. As the years go by it’ll become worse. Doing the exercise will prevent incontinence which is a nightmare for the elderly.

Women are more prone to incontinence because of pregnancies. If the pregnancies are successive the pelvic floor muscle will get weaker and incontinence will set in. Today more and more women are overweight. This is another area of concern especially during pregnancy.

There are several techniques of doing the women’s pelvic floor exercise. Different health gurus have different approaches but all very effective. There are short methods and long methods. There are also techniques for pregnant women. It’s important to do the exercise three times a day and 7 days a week.

It will help a lot if you watch the videos or read the instructions found in the internet. It’s important to know how to do the pelvic exercise properly. There are different kinds of positions to follow and it’s important to do them correctly to avoid any injuries.

The pelvic floor exercises for women are also very helpful if your concern is how to lose weight at the same time. Fats are a heavy and they can exert pressure on pelvic floor muscles. Continuous pressure on the muscle will ultimately result in incontinence. If you take care of your pelvic floor muscle now, it will continue to serve you faithfully.

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