Effective Home Remedies For Pimples and Acne

The bane of existence for many teenagers is unsightly facial blemishes that are the result of acne. Though this common skin condition is not lethal, it can be a contributing factor to symptoms of depression and anxiety. The psychological effects of acne are often much worse than the physical problems associated with the disorder. However, in today’s progressive world of medical innovations and technology, there are a wide variety of treatments available to rectify this common problem. Surprisingly, home remedies for acne pimples can be some of the most unique and effective ways to stave away the blemishes associated with facial acne.

In teenagers, acne occurs when puberty begins. Hormonal changes cause secretions of an oily fluid from the sebacious glands. These are sweat glands that become clogged, in which normal skin bacteria is trapped within the pore. The result is a pimple that over time can turn into a blackhead, or a whitehead. These unsightly blemishes can be painful and difficult to eradicate. They can also be found around the back and shoulders as well. Acne is not a condition reserved only for teenagers. Many adults well past their teen years continue to suffer from it.

Effective solutions to acne pimples begins with the proper diet. Merely avoiding food items that have been known to exacerbate acne is a good beginning. Chocolate and sugary foods such as candy are well known contributors to facial acne. Drinks such as soda and even some sports drinks have been found to cause acne related blemishes. Eating the correct foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables can greatly improve the skin of an acne sufferer.

Clearing up pimples and blackheads can come from common food products found in the average household. These are contact solutions that are created and applied directly to the affected part of the skin. Mixing a finely milled oatmeal with plain yogurt has proven to have some positive results in reducing blemishes. The solution is applied after a thorough facial wash, and is left on until it becomes dry. Then the process is to wash the solution off and apply an over the counter antibiotic lotion or ointment.

There are many holistic remedies for pimples such as applying powdered cinnamon with honey and allowing it to sit on the skin over night. When morning arrives the process is to wash it off thoroughly. Though this may cause some discomfort due to the length of time the application is to be used, it may prove beneficial.

There are many over the counter products that can be used to treat common acne, but some of the best products are often found within the home. For acne blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads and even cracked skin, lime juice mixed with warm milk is potentially a good solution to use to moisten and clear up skin.

Through some trial and error, at home remedies for pimples can be found in many basic home food products. These are wonderful alternatives to the high cost of many over the counter medicinal products for acne sufferers. Most home remedies use solely natural products. Therefore, it is always wise to assure that whatever is used will not harm the skin in any way. Avoiding caustic or overly acidic products should be avoided. Testing a small amount of a home remedy over a small portion of skin can be a good beginning. Avoid contact with the eyes and always protect them from any foreign or unknown substance from entering. If burning sensations begin, it may be wise to thoroughly wash any skin area that was in contact with whatever remedy or solution that was used.

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  1. I also prefer home remedies for skin because cosmetic product have very danger effect in long time uses also have some side-effect .

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