Exercise Bike Reviews to Help Your Weight Loss Program

If you are trying to lose weight and get fit then you might be looking at the large selection of exercise bikes that are available to buy on the Internet.  As they become more popular prices have started to drop and exercise bikes are now very affordable.  You can use them as part of a weight loss program at home.

Online exercise bike reviews

When you search for the best model for you, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of online exercise bike reviews.  There is a huge amount of information online with regards to indoor fitness cycles.  Being able to understand what type of bike best suits you is imperative before you make a purchase. 

Choose an upright model for better weight loss

The best cheap exercise bikes for burning calories are the upright versions.  This is because they work out your upper body as well as you legs due to the fact you sit upright.  Plus some models have vertically placed handlebars that work like pistons meaning your arms will get a thorough work out.  If you have ever used a step exercise machine you will understand the concept of how this all works.

What are the best exercise bikes?

Look for the leading brands as they all now have price competitive models and each year the costs seem to come down.  Good brands that offer sturdy and reliable exercise bikes are Schwinn, York Fitness, and also V Fit who are at the lower end with their entry level models.

You will be able to buy a reliable exercise bike really very cheap.  The best York models are the C101 Cycle all the way up to their more advanced version which is the York C301.  Both come with onboard LCD computers letting you measure heart rate, calories burnt, distance travelled, and lots more – this is a great asset for motivation as you can track your progress and adjust your activities appropriately. 

What else do I need to know?

If you are purchasing one today then have a think about how much room you have in your house for storage.  It might be best you buy a portable model to slide under your bed once you’ve used it.  Also have a think about the type of data you will want to harness.  The more money you pay, the better the computer and data you can read and track.

Above all, choose the best exercise bike to fit your budget.  There is a lot of choice out there and competition for deals.  Exercise bike review websites tend to carry price comparison charts which will help you to get the best cheap price

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