How To Do A Cleanse Diet Safely

The idea of a cleanse diet using water or juices, with no solid food, often brings up valid questions, such as: if the body is severely toxic could the cleansing process not bring out these waste materials too quickly and actually make a person sick? Are there not ways to slowly and safely detoxify the body so that the level of discomfort is minimized? Will merely eliminating toxic waste / build-up and hydrating the tissue and cells be a viable means to lose weight, especially in problem areas that have been resistant to most diet plans? Let’s try to answer these concerns.

1. will a cleanse diet using water and fresh juices bring toxins into the blood stream or glands/organs that will cause a person to feel sick? Yes. In most cases when the body releases toxic elements there will be some discomfort.

2. cleansing the body using pure water and fasting may be too drastic a measure to take for someone who is highly toxic, severely overweight or has never cleansed. That’s why gradual steps are taken in most balanced cleanse diet programs that start with eating fresh vegetables, adding fresh juices, and slowly eliminating solid foods as the body is ready.

3. people who want to learn how to lose stomach fat may wonder how eliminating toxins will reduce fatty deposits. One answer to that is that subcutaneous deposits are not just harmless stored fatty pockets, but can be small hormone factories that throw the metabolism out of whack. A cleanse diet may not only be how to lose stomach fat but a means to bring the lymphatic, circulatory and hormonal mechanism into balance – helping to regulate metabolism and therefore reducing fat, toxins, and even rejuvenating tissue that may be damaged.

4. giving the digestive tract a rest by drinking nutrients from vegetables and flooding the body with hydrating liquids, will in almost all cases (when done slowly; gradually working up from raw veggies to only liquids) will have a positive effect on the entire organism and will aid in weight loss and body maintenance.

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