Planning For Your HCG Diet Recipes

The hcg diet protocol involves a low calorie count food intake which is helpful in attaining the 1 pound weight loss per day.  The role of the human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG hormone in this protocol is to help you feel not too hungry during the process.  This is a protein hormone that has been normally observed in pregnant women which assists in the growth of the fetus.  Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons, who discovered HCG in the 1950’s as an aid for weight loss, tried the protein hormone hcg injections with a 500 calorie hcg diet recipes to help dieters shed a pound a day.

Today, the use of HCG has been known in the fields of fertility, weight loss, and an aid in building muscle mass in athletes.  It is however proven that the hcg can really aid anabolic steroids in building muscle mass that is why the sports commission banned the use of this hormone in athletes.  This can also attest to the fact that hcg injections really work in weight loss since the body fats are being targeted as an energy source.  Naturally in pregnant women, the body fats are once of the energy source when the calorie intake of the mother is insufficient.  Thus, it aids in the prevention of natural abortion of the fetus.  This is why the hcg diet recipes are important to make you lose weight without naturally.

So once you start with the hcg diet plan, the recipes include no sugar, 100 grams of lean meat or lean protein for lunch and dinner.  Fruits are recommended during breakfast say a bunch of 6-8 medium sized strawberries or an apple along with that.  An egg and say some vegetables are also recommended for breakfast so as long as you stay away from sweets.  These are the usual food intake that you will expect in your hcg diet recipes to arrive at a 500 to 800 calorie diet per day.  With these recipes, the hcg injections which should also be administered daily in a 40-day interval will surely help you lose a pound a day.  Nevertheless, talking to a nutritionist will help you plan this diet regimen so as not to deprive the needs of your vital organs as you go through this process.

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