Salsa Moves – What You Need To Know!

You must have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”. This is true; what practice does is it makes your body turn the moves it to habits. Hence, moves come out automatically. It is important to practice your salsa moves outside class. This will enable you to get use to the steps in a timely fashion. It is all part of the learning process. Here, are some tips you should consider when you practice.

1-      You should come to class with a partner. Some people often come to class with no one to dance with this can create a problem. Find someone, whether form class or a friend, to be your partner. Also, practice with him/her. This is important; after all, it is a partner dance. However, make sure intentions are clear, bad things can come from misunderstandings.

2-      However, if you don’t have partner don’t panic. This doesn’t mean that you will not be able to practice. Just as you sang alone in a microphone at home or played air guitar you can practice on your own.

3-      Try practicing with everyone you can. Try different partners, with different levels of skills in salsa. Salsa is a sociable dance, enjoy it and play with it.  All this will help you improve your style and your moves. Most importantly, it will give you a genuine sense of the dance’s attitude. If you are at a club, then try dancing with a professional. It is all a part of the learning experience!

4-      At first, it would be smart to count out loud the steps as you practice. By time, you will only need to count in your head, and then you will stop counting all together. As you get more and more into the dance, you will find yourself not noticing the count, just having fun!

Now that you know the basic of salsa dancing, you will have to watch some of those professional dancers in action to learn salsa the right way. Get some Juan Matos or Louis van Amstel videos, and start dancing!

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