Vital Information On Pain Management Doctors And Treatments

Living with pain day in and day out can be very trying. It does not have to be that way as pain management doctors in Maryland can help you ease the situation. No matter what the reason for your short or long-term pain may be, pain management medication, as well as a variety of interventional pain procedures and techniques can make everyday life a lot easier.

Pain management doctors in Maryland use various techniques to help their patients. Their services generally include:
• Various techniques of medical pain management
• Rehabilitation after surgery or injury
• Different interventional pain procedures
• Electro Diagnostic Testing (EMG/NCS)
• Independent Medical Exams (IME)
• Laser therapy
• Acupuncture – extremely thin needles stuck in the skin at strategic points on the body Qutenza – a pain relieving medicine
• Suboxone – acute pain medication
• The use of orthotics and rehab equipment
Many people are unaware that pain management doctors in Maryland can help individuals with the following conditions:
• Neck pain
• Lower back pain
• Sciatica – pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve – from your back down to your buttock and legs
• Pain of the spine
• General muscle pain
• Joint pain
• Nerve pain
• Fibromyalgia

Handling your first appointment with pain management doctors in Maryland can be quite simple. First check with your health insurance company what type of coverage you have. Make sure you are familiar with all the details as you will have to fill out forms during your first visit. This is pretty much standard for any first-time appointments at any doctor’s office. When getting ready for your scheduled visit at a pain management facility, bring the following documents with you.
1. A completed new patient package – which can be picked up on location, obtained by mail, or downloaded from the clinic’s website.
2. Any relevant medical records and original diagnostic tests (such as MRIs, x-rays, etc.) which you can request from the doctors you have seen previously.
3. A list of all the medications you currently take.
4. Your driver’s license
5. Health insurance card
6. A referral from your primary care doctor – this is a requirement from the health insurance companies.
7. Insurance plan information so the pain management doctors in Maryland can verify that you have coverage.
Call the pain management clinic to get a complete list, as requirements sometimes change.

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