Working With Ankle and Wrist Weights Safely

Home fitness exercise equipment such as ankle and wrist weights are often used by people to help them lose weight fast as well as to speed up their training. However, this equipment may become harmful if used with neglect; it can cause injuries to its user. This article aims to aid beginners as well as intermediate and advance users to understand more about these equipment. It would help the users understand the pros and cons of these equipment.

Certain studies show that people tend to use these home fitness exercise equipment in different kinds of activity even though the weights are not needed in such activities. This could high increase the risk of injury to the user’s body that may lead to permanent damage. Some may wear them when walking, running, and jogging, aerobics, karate, cycling, and many others. Many tend to refer to these weights as a short cut to lose some extra pounds as well as improve their endurance and strength. Others may use them in tandem with other exercise equipment such as treadmills and skipping ropes. Furthermore, some incline to be obsessed with these equipment that they wear them all they in climbing stairs, walking around the house, and even use them while sleeping at night.

When using ankle and wrist weights, the user must first have to consult a physician. This is to ensure that the user can adjust with the stress brought about by the weights to the body. The physician will also examine the body’s reaction to the weights. It is also recommended to start small using these weights, at least 1 lb. on each ankle or wrist. This is to allow the body to adjust to the changes made to the body over time. This is also to prevent injuries as most people tend to overestimate their body’s capabilities of carrying heavy weights.

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