Using science to stay in shape

Anyone who has ever spent time at a gym trying to get themselves into shape, knows that it can be a long graft and take a lot of effort. It takes many hours of hard work to start burning calories and to start to lose weight, and when you do it’s far too easy to put it straight back on by eating the wrong things. For those who are serious about losing weight or building muscle, it’s possible to short cut the process by using sports supplements.

The sports supplement industry has turned into a multi-million dollar business, as millions of people use them every day all over the world. By far the most popular type of supplement taken is protein, and this can be used by people who are either trying to lose weight as well as those who want to build muscle. It’s usually taken mixed into a drink, with protein shakes being as common in many gyms as the exercise machines themselves. For dieters, drinking a shake instead of eating their regular breakfast or lunch, or sometimes both, can control the amount of calories that they are consuming whilst still enabling them to get the nutrients that they need to make it through the day.

Muscle-builders will usually drink two protein shakes a day – one in the morning and one just after their workout – and this will help the body to grow more muscle tissue. Protein is what the body uses when it’s growing any type of new tissue, so having an additional supply when your muscles are going through their repair and recovery after a workout will help maximise the gains that can be made.

It’s quite common for these drinks to also contain other supplements, to make an all-in-one body-building drink. Most commonly these will contain pre workout supplements such as creatine and oats – creatine being the amino acid that feeds energy to the muscles, and oats being a great source of slow-release energy as it digests in the body – having these in your system will give you the ability to increase the intensity of any workout routine, and make the most of the time that you have to spend at the gym. Other supplements in these drinks can also include both glutamine and HMB, which both help with the muscle recovery and regeneration process.

So by using sports supplements you can really boost the performance of any workout or exercise. They aren’t a magic solution, though, and you’ll still have to put in plenty of hard work. But they are proven to work, and should help you to achieve the body shape you’re aiming for much quicker than is possible by just working out alone.


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