The Dr. Simeons HCG Diet Explained

With the booming popularity of diet plans that involve the use of HCG, many people have begun searching for the most effective diet plan that doesn’t require a lot of effort on their part. If you search the internet for testimonials and reviews, you’ll find that many dieting successes with HCG are the product of the Dr. Simeons HCG Diet. Here are some basic truths you need to know about the diet and why it’s very effective.

This HCG Diet Plan has the same basic structure as other diet plans as it also requires the person to limit their daily calorie intake. With this diet plan, you should not go above 500 calories per day. The person is only allowed to drink either water, tea or coffee and is prohibited to use oil, butter and salad dressing in their meals. This sounds like many other dieting plans out there right? So is this particular diet so effective?

The secret lies in his meal plans. While other diet plans simply tell you to limit your intake to a certain amount then leave you at that, this diet plan has dedicated meal plans to guide you in dieting. The meal plans are very specific, covering every meal of the day including snacks. Each serving is measured to the last gram and you are even given instructions on how to cook your meals.

The diet does not only stop at food, it also gives tips on what to avoid when it comes to cosmetics, body products and even personal hygiene. For example, when on this diet, you are not allowed to get massages of any sort.

Ordinarily, anyone undergoing a diet as strict as this may not last long because it deprives so much out of a person. This is why HCG is very important in this diet. With HCG’s hormonal, and psychological benefits, a person undergoing this diet doesn’t feel deprived and limited, making it easier to follow and stick with under they reach their dietary goals.

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