Using A Heart Rate Monitor For Great Fitness Results

A heart monitor works by telling you when your heart is in the optimal zone for the health results you have set. The optimal heart rate will depend on your age, and the fitness goals you want to achieve.  Usually, you need to exert yourself at an intensity sufficient to keep your heart going at a rate between 65% and 80% of your maximum heart rate.  You can then workout within  the lower or upper range for different results.

Putting a sensor band strapped around your chest and the heart rate monitor located on your wrist, you’ll see the tracking as you work out.  Many monitors now also have alarms that tell you when you are in the right “zone” for your desired results.  Some also have features that allow you to upload your workout results to the Web.   Other features include counting how many calories you are burning, how many steps you’re taking (using a pedometer feature) and training routines you can follow.

Although there are discount heart rate monitors on the market, you can expect to get what you pay for.  Spending fewer than $100 will buy you a serviceable hear rate monitor, but it will not have the most desirable functions. Keep in mind that there are great outlets online to buy a heart monitor at a discount, such as Best Buy, as well as taking advantage of a sale at local stores.

You can find bestselling heart rate monitors, in a wide range of prices.  Polar heart monitors are best sellers as they have many of the options to satisfy any workout requirements.  Polar also sponsors a website where owners can add results to track. One of Polar’s best heart rate monitors is the Polar F7,which has many features such as average heart rate, number of calories burned, how long has been spent in your target heart rate zone, and lots of other features to help keep users on track to succeed in reaching your fitness goals. If you’re missing your fitness fitness level you’ve created for yourself, the Polar F7 alarm will alert you so you can get back to the “zone”.

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