HCG Role in Growth of Fetus

HCG’s role in the growth of the fetus is crucial and it helps the normal development of the fetus. The hormones help in the thickening of uterus through blood vessels and save the fetus in the first trimester. The reason behind this is that the hormone is highly negative in its charge and often repels the cells of immunity from the mother. It has also been considered that it has an association with the placental link for creating immunotolerance. The usage of hcg hormone for increasing the level of fertility and for the treatment of fertility is also popular and is being used in many medical practices. It is helpful in ovulation induction, and on the other hand, for the production or the generation of the testosterone. The level of the hormone is measured during the pregnancy test in order to determine presence of the embryo. Monoclonal antibody is used mostly for testing and ensuring the false positives. In the test of the pregnancy usually the detection of the hcg hormone is made clear in six to twelve days after the process of ovulation takes place. This means result of getting pregnant is made clear in the given days for making accurate detection. HCG hormone basically helps in triggering the ovulation process and it is received by those parents who have undergone through the IVF. In some cases, the HCG hormone is induced to improve the production level of the progesterone. It is advised by the medical doctors to have an ultrasound at the beginning of the pregnancy after having the treatment of HCG pregnyl. The reason behind this is that ectopic pregnancies may be experienced by females who have gone through the treatment of HCG pregnyl. The advice of doctors must be obtained at each level of pregnancy so that any abnormality can be avoided.

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