3 Most Common Causes of School Anxiety

I remember when I was still in kindergarten I hate school.  I never showed any interest in my teacher’s discussions.  The reason for this is that I feel so out of place.  I know that most of my classmates come from affluent families.  They wore the best clothes and they had the best toys with them.  Not to mention those delicious snacks that they had in their lunchbox.  They’ve got everything that my parents can’t afford to give to me. But, things have changed when I reached my high school and college years.  I have learned to love going to school.  One reason for this is that I always excel in most of my academic subjects. As I grew older I realized that school is not about wearing the best clothes or having the most expensive toys.  I realized that school is all about learning.  Now, that I have become a professional teacher I have learned so many things from my students.  I also have learned why many students become so anxious when asked about being in school. The following are some of the reasons why children suffer from school anxiety.

  1. The tasks are too difficult for students to perform.  This is one of the most common reasons why students suffer from school anxiety.  When they are in school, their teachers give them tasks which they find too difficult to do.  This is true especially for those slow learners in school. The tasks that are beyond their capacity to do on their own make them feel so anxious.  Others even prefer to be absent just to avoid the difficulty of answering or doing those tasks.
  2. Students do not like their teacher.  This can be sad for teachers like me but, it is true.  Sometimes, students experience anxiety whenever they have teachers whom they do not like.  The teacher’s way of dealing with his or her students matters a lot.  Teachers can be great sources of inspiration for students.  On the contrary, they can also be the sources of anxiety for students.  The teacher’s strategy of teaching her subject plays a big role in reducing or increasing anxiety in his or her students.
  3. Financial constraints.  Students may experience anxiety because of financial constraints.  Financial constraints may deprive them of their chance to join school activities.  The thought of being left out on their own causes too much anxiety to students.  This will then lead to the lack of interest in their studies.

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