Some Ways to Prevent Morning Anxiety

You have been sleeping tightly when all of a sudden the alarm clock rang.  Then you get up feeling so heavy and cold.  Thoughts about things that are going to happen that day begin to flood your mind.  The next thing that will happen is that you become hesitant or reluctant to go to work. Things like these could happen to people who have anxiety in the morning. The following are some tips on how to prevent anxiety from getting in the way of your beautiful day:

  1. Start your day right.  The best way to start your day right is to kneel down and pray. Saying even just a little prayer upon waking up in the morning can make everything alright.  It gives you a feeling of being very grateful that you have another chance at life. This will then lead to some other positive emotions and thoughts to occur.  As a result, you will become confident that you can handle whatever may happen for the rest of the day.
  2. Keep yourself warm. One way to keep you warm is to prepare a robe.  Always put your robe near your bed so that you can easily grab it when you feel cold upon getting up.  Drinking a cup of coffee is also a must to warm you up. Making yourself warm will keep you from feeling cold.  Thus, you’ll never be tempted to go back to bed again.
  3. Change your alarm clock.  An alarm clock that gives out that loud, sudden ring can really ruin your day. It can hurt your ears and aggravate your bad mood. You must change it into something which gives out a pleasant tune that is noisy enough to perk up your mood. It would also be helpful if your alarm clock wakes you up to an ascending tone, instead of that loud and sudden noise.
  4. Prepare your favorite music.  Before going to bed at night, take the time to prepare your favorite music.  You may place your CD inside your CD player so that you can have it played right away the next morning.  This will prevent you from looking for it when you wake up and only end up getting frustrated that you did not find it. Be sure to play an upbeat music to get you going.
  5. Have a healthy breakfast.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Eating a healthy breakfast provides you with enough energy for your work.

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