Hair Removal: Electrolysis And Laser

Most of us women have felt conscious about our body hair at one point or another. Even gorgeous supermodels have to deal with regular bikini waxing or, at the very least, underarm shaving. It is a fact that only a small percentage of the human female population are lucky enough to have little or no body hair, and most of us will have to start practicing the correct hair removal method if we want to feel truly confident when wearing, say, a short skirt or a sleeveless dress.

Achieving perfectly smooth, hairless skin isn’t an easy task, even with today’s modern technology, for electrolysis can get rather expensive. As the only approved hair removal method that gives permanent results, electrolysis is a mainstay on the most popular cosmetic procedures done year after year, but one session alone won’t guarantee hair loss, and in some cases, you may need six or more different electrolysis sessions to really achieve permanent hair loss. Electrolysis works by directing electrical charges into the hair follicles with the use of small needles, and once the follicles are properly damaged through repeated electric touches, they will close up and no more hair will grow back out.

A full body electrolysis can reach up to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how many sessions you need or how thick your body hair is. For a cheaper alternative to electrolysis, there is laser hair removal where no needles are directed to your hair strands, just beams of tiny laser lights that burn the hairs. Laser hair removal reviews are generally positive, although not all machines can work on people with darker skin color and/or light-colored body hair. This is because laser hair removal works on the contrast of dark hair strands on fair skin to find and burn off the hairs, and this method is effective enough to permanently reduce hair over time, although complete hair loss is usually only possible with electrolysis.

The best laser hair removal machines nowadays can also work on people with fair or reddish-colored hair and darker skin tone, but electrolysis, although more expensive, is still the safer bet when it comes to removing unwanted body hair for good. Miniature laser hair removal machines are sold through online shops and at some department stores, but experts recommend that if you want the best results, visit a hair removal specialist at a clinic or salon if you want to get professional service. Both electrolysis and laser hair removal can help you finally achieve smooth and hairless skin, but if you want the best results, always turn to a professional technician to get reasonable charges and great treatment.

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