How Does A No Carb Diet Work

If you have tried to lose weight over the last 10 years I am sure you have heard about limiting carbohydrate intake as a viable diet plan. Literally thousands of ordinary overweight people have shed millions of pounds by limiting the number of carbs they eat each day.
One of the keys to success with this type of diet is based on a fact that really wasn’t understood until about a decade ago. Before that time, most doctors and nutritionists believed that we could only get fat if we ate fats in our diet. So, the reasoning went, if you eat fat you get fat – if you don’t eat fat you lose weight. This false understanding of human biochemistry lead to the No Fat craze in the mid-1980’s. It was thought that if we cut out fat we would get thin. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. And, in reality, the American public has gotten fatter since the big No Fat push.

Limiting Carbohydrates Leads To Weight Loss

The fact is, carbohydrates, in particular sugar and starches, are what cause us to gain fat because it is first digested into the blood sugar “glucose” when we eat and then this glucose is either used for energy or stored in fat cells for later use.
If you want to lose weight you need to lower your total carbohydrate intake by eating no carb foods at each meal. These include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and green vegetables. By eating meals rich in these foods and limiting the amount of sugar and starches such as breads and potatoes you will see great weight loss results.
One of the great things about this diet is it allows you to eat until you are full at each meal as long as you are eating no carb or very low carb foods. This doesn’t mean you need to stuff yourself, but you can eat until you are no longer hungry any more.
Doesn’t that sound great, a diet you are not hungry on.

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