Invisible Shoes Huaraches – Why Do I Recommend On Them?

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I have recently started wearing a new species of running sandals – the Mexican Huaraches of the Tarahumara people. It’s basically just out-soles with straps, trying to mimic the feeling of a complete barefoot experience while still protecting your feet against the bad agents of the modern world – broken glass on the road and stuff like that.

What Did You Like About The Huaraches ?

I have used it extensively for seven months already, circling South East Asia, and I have to say that these sandals are simply awesome. Absolutely awesome. I have ran through Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and have made great miles with them – hiking, running, trekking, jumping, whatever you can think of – and they are simply amazing. The most comfortable “shoes” I have ever worn. They give you a perfect barefoot feel, you barely notice them.

What Didn’t You Like About The Huaraches ?

Well, not too many things, but there is one thing that certainly irritated me from time to time. I got a little bit confused with the straps and it took me some time to slip the sandals on and off – which becomes quite an hassle when skimming through temples and stuff. I know some people don’t have that problem, so I guess it’s just me and my untalented skills with tying.

Other than that, the sandals are truly amazing, I also made some runs with them here at the beach in Israel and I can certainly say that they stand for their reputation. I bought a pair of InvisibleShoes Huaraches, by the way, but there are a few more brands. I can clearly recommend the ones I bought, and Stevia the owner is also a great guy with a very personal approach to his business. Long live the Tarahumara!

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