Consumers use the Web to find local Businesses

Small business owners have access to a number of online marketing tools that are enabling them to find the customers that are adding to their business. Sales that are being generated as a result of an online search account for a number of transactions that are taking place both online and in person. Using a local Internet marketing strategy that is designed to attract the attention of people that are working in the same area as a business is operating the smaller brick and mortar shops and store fronts are able to connect to the individuals that are in the same community and possibly the same neighborhood as the people that are looking for their services or merchandise offerings.

The Internet allows people to use the search engines to find all sorts of items or services that they want. Each day there are hundreds of millions of searches conducted by people all around the world. What is remarkable is that the majority of those searches are by people that are looking for a local business to patronize. 87% of all web searches are looking for a service provider or local merchant that can deliver what the searcher is hunting for. This is good news to the individuals that are in business and who are using the World Wide Web to promote their wares. Doctors and dentists as well as insurance agents and massage therapists all benefit from the local Internet marketing that is delivering the people using the search engines to their doorstep.

Through tools like Google maps optimization and other highly specialized products that have been developed for local marketing, small business owners throughout North America are tracking down new customers and increasing their sales as a direct result of the optimized performance that is being put into their website. Showing up at the top of the local search results pages through their targeted marketing campaigns websites that belong to small businesses are able to attract the attention of searchers that use the Internet and provide them with directions, hours of operation and information that they need to make an informed purchase decision.

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