Local Marketing delivers Customers to small Businesses

Small business online marketing allows the owner of a single shop or smaller concession to use the search engines to attract customers to their place of business. The work that takes place inside the walls of an SEO company delivers the unique strategies that provide a local company with the ability of generating new sales which come from the individuals that are living and working in the same neighborhood as the advertiser. Although the Internet can be used at the macro level to reach consumers around the world and allow the ease of purchasing and shipping product all across the globe it can also be utilized on the micro scale to generate sales and foot traffic for a small business that is located in the heart of a large city.

The services of a doctor, an auto mechanic, or a restaurant that can attract people from all over the city still may have a limited service area that is the target of their online marketing campaigns. Service industries such as air conditioning repair or pizza parlor that cater to certain areas of the city or are restricted by the places where they can provide their goods are finding that they can access the Internet search engines to find the people that are looking for them. To help support the small business owner with their local marketing efforts an SEO company can provide the tools that target only the computer routers that are operating within the same vicinity as the business’ physical location.

Geo-targeting allows the SEO professional to zero in on the IP addresses that correspond to the location of the small business. Because each area of the city, region and country has an attached address tag that is provided to them from their local ISP each IP address (Internet Protocol) is assigned a series of numbers that identify the geographic location of the router that is connected to the Internet. By focusing campaigns on the individuals that are living in the same area that a business operates in it is possible to develop a campaign strategy that delivers local consumers to the doorstep of any service related company.

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