Knee and Hip Surgeries Up Chances For Heart Attacks

Getting hip or knee replacements are fairly common nowadays, especially among older folks. The procedure itself is critical as it is. However did you know that the period post-operation has now also been found to be just as risky?

From Hips And Knees to the Heart

A new study, published at the Archives of Internal Medicine, have found that those who have recently undergone a joint surgery expose themselves to up to 31% risk of heart attack.

This effect on the heart can already manifest in as little as two weeks after the operation. According to head researcher Arief Lalmohamed of the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, those with total hip replacements experienced a 21-fold increase of risk, while those with total knee replacement surgeries become vulnerable by 31-fold.

Substantial Link

Researchers are still looking into the real link between the surgeries and the increased potential for heart attacks. They posit that the risky nature of the operation itself affects the stress levels of the patients. Couple this with the anesthesia administered on the patients during the operation, and stress is definitely increased.

Apart from these factors, they are also looking into the physical condition of the patient coming in to surgery. Are they obese or overweight, or with a history of high blood pressure or diabetes? What is certain is that the body dealing with the adjustments of the joint replacements do inevitably put stress on the heart, making it probable for a full-on heart attack.

Doctor’s Advice

If you or your loved one is up for a joint replacement procedure, work closely with your doctor. Getting a regular check-up first before setting the operation should also be great, because at least, you are able to determine your current health standing. Also, make sure to disclose to your doctor should you have any health conditions.

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