Services Provided By A Calgary Orthodontist

An orthodontist in Calgary is a type of dentist that specializes in correcting teeth and jaw alignment issues. The most common reason to visit an orthodontist is to get braces. This is most common for young people, but anyone can get braces. This is not the only reason to visit an orthodontist in Calgary. There are other reasons and most of them relate to some type of alignment issue in the jaw. Becoming an orthodontist takes a lot of work and years of education, but orthodontists earn great salaries and most of them really enjoy the work they do. They are able to help people obtain beautiful smiles and this is what offers fulfillment to most orthodontists.

The First Step

When a person visits an orthodontist in Calgary, one of the first steps taken is x-rays. If a person has just had x-rays taken at a different dental office, the person can bring those with. In some cases, a dental office can email the x-rays directly to the orthodontist’s office. This will save a person a little bit of money because the orthodontist will not have to take additional x-rays. X-rays are needed so that the orthodontist can see the person’s teeth, including the roots of the teeth. The x-rays will also show if there are additional teeth growing in the mouth, such as wisdom teeth. The orthodontist will base a lot of his decision on what he sees on the x-rays. After reviewing the x-rays and the person’s mouth, the orthodontist will be able to develop a treatment plan. This plan will be used to fix all of the misalignments the person has and each person’s plan is created on an individual basis.


In most cases, an orthodontist in Calgary will recommend braces for the person’s teeth. Braces are devices that slowly realign the teeth and jaw, if necessary. Braces have been used for many years and they are still relatively the same type today as they were years ago. The main difference is the color options available. When the plan is created and the person comes in to get her braces, the orthodontist will install a small bracket on each tooth. He will then insert a wire through all of the brackets. A person is often able to choose the colors for the brackets and the wires. These wires are used to realign the teeth and jaw. After braces are installed, the person must return to the office every month. At this time, the orthodontist will do several things. He will fix any components that are broken and he will usually replace the wire in the brackets. He will also tighten the wire and little by little the teeth will begin to shift. Most people experience pain for a few days after each appointment because of this, but the pain tends to fade after a couple of days. The orthodontist may also ask the patient to wear rubber bands. He will show the patient exactly how and where to attach these and they are also part of the realignment process.


The plan created by the orthodontist generally has a time period listed. Orthodontists are generally good at determining an accurate time frame for braces, but there are many factors that could affect this. At some point near the end of the time period, he will tell the patient exactly when the braces will be ready to be removed. As soon as they are taken off, he will take impressions of the person’s teeth and he will create a retainer. This must be worn for several years or longer to keep the teeth straight.

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