Introducing Dr. Murray Orbuch; Gastroenterologist In NYC

Oftentimes it’s hard to know whether or not abdominal pain is serious. Therefore, it’s also difficult to know whether or not you might need to see a gastroenterologixt NYC or if you can treat with home remedies. However, by going to you will be able to discern this very fact. This site belongs to Dr Murray Orbuch who’s been voted one of the NY Super Doctors for 3 years now.

Since the majority of us will experience heartburn at some time or another, we tend to simply dismiss the symptoms. For this reason, they are usually a whole lot worse and also a lot more painful by the time that we realize that we’re dealing with a serious, chronic condition.

Some signs to be on the lookout for include:

  • Difficulty or painful swallowing
  • Heartburn
  • Acid reflux after only eating a small amount of food
  • Feeling full due to bloating or a distended abdomen
  • Changes in your bowel movements including diarrhea, constipation or bleeding
  • A change in the consistency and look of your stool
  • Vomiting that looks like coffee grounds or dried blood
  • Dark yellow urine

Any of these things that are also accompanied with a feeling of lethargy or weight loss means that it’s time to seek medical attention. Once you’ve experienced any of these things it’s time to get a colonoscopy, fecal occult blood test and other types of blood tests done to look for cancer. This is particularly important if there’s a history of colon or stomach cancer in your family.

Nobody enjoys having these types of tests performed but they’re vital if you want to get a true diagnosis. By seeking help from Dr. Orbuch, you’ll be able to rest assured that this whole process, from onset to diagnosis and treatment, will be as simple as possible because he’s the best gastroenterologist in NYC.

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