How To Watch Out For Your Protein Intake

Protein intake is not only crucial when you’re adding muscle and building a better physique, it’s actually very essential to all of our bodily functions.

I’ve actually come close to having too much and having to little, and all I can say is that the experience is not worth repeating.

Why Protein Intake is Important And Why Too Much Isn’t Good

While DNA may be the building blocks of life, it’s actually proteins that make up most of our body’s organ’s tissues. In fact proteins are actually what actually replicate DNA.

There are a vast number of types of protein in our bodies and there’s also a vast number of things protein can do for all living things.

One major task of protein would be the maintenance and function of our vital organs as well as repair of muscles, hair and nail growth, and repair of broken tissue.

However, too much of a good thing is never good. When I took too much protein during my early days of body building. I was diagnosed to have proteinuria during out annual physical exam’s urinalysis. According to the doctor, an extended period of proteinuria can result in severe kidney problems later on in life.

How Can You Tell If You’re Not Getting Enough Protein

Not getting enough protein is not good either, as your body’s natural tendency would be to prioritize the most vital organs first and leave the rest starving for some protein.

End results would be that you’ll be lethargic and lacking in rest and sleep most of the time. Apart from that, you’ll also experience cravings and increase in appetite for no reason at all.

While body building I also came across protein-deficiency in the form of muscle loss. I met the daily requirement of protein but not enough for muscle repair. Hence, my body provided for my vital functions by prioritizing it over muscle repair.

To Summarize, you can tell if you lack protein by:

  • lethargic feeling; sleepiness despite adequate amounts
  • untimely cravings
  • muscle loss and weakness

How Do You Catch-up With Your Daily Requirement

Fortunately there are also a vast variety of food and drink that you can eat to replenish protein stores and maintain muscle development.

On average, the average middle-class American already has sufficient protein intake, however if you are catching up on your protein requirement to build muscle, here are some 13 muscle building foods that you can eat for extra protein.

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