An Overview on Saving Umbilical Cord Blood

Saving umbilical cord blood is an essential procedure with regards to stem cell research and health. Umbilical cord blood or cord blood is a rich harvester of stem cells. Stem cells are essentially what the body uses to grow and sustain the health of tissues, blood, organs, and our immune system.The greatest potential for storing and saving cord blood is the long term health benefits. Cord blood has been known to save many cancer patients as well as cure other types of medical issues like immunity diseases, tissue disease, blood disorders and genetic diseases. The possibilities are endless with saving cord blood when a baby is born. Moreover, cord blood considered to be a precious resource. It could help save or treat your child from a looming disease or disorder in the future.In addition, Stemcyte is a fantastic place to learn more information and discover ways to procure and save cord blood. They have an easy to use and user friendly website that is permeated with information on cord blood saving and research.Determining to save your baby’s cord blood is something to make prior to your pregnancy. Doctors recommend making this decision within your third trimester. Further, cord blood can only be saved within five minutes after pregnancy.It is a known fact that cord blood can help combat over eighty diseases and counting. It is also considered to be one of the most successful life changing cures as an alternative to bone marrow transplant. Furthermore, stem cell research is on its way to solving some of the key disease issues of our time, such as spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, HIV, and diabetes. The wonders of stem cell and cord blood are becoming increasingly more popular, go to to learn more about it.

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