Stem Cell Storage

Technology moves to bring the future right to your doorstep. Ten years ago, no one would have imagined that 1) stem cells were going to be in the hands of the general public 2) stem cells were proving to be the answer to health problems today 3) that when a baby is born, he/she actually carries the future with them and can pass it on, if their core-blood is retained properly. StemCyte is a global therapeutics company for those who have decided to store their newborn’s core-blood for stem cell purposes.Stem cell research is expanding and discovering new treatments and breakthroughs everyday. This is the reason StemCyte offers stem cell storage as a solution for the future of common diseases and injuries while testing possibilities for tomorrow. The treatment of strokes, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, heart attack and disease and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases all show positive reactions to stem cell treatment. Tomorrow is never as far away as it seems, and this puts StemCyte on the cutting edge of medical healing.The stem cells that are retrieved from the core-blood that is collected immediately after birth. They are comprised of an extraordinary amount of stem cells unique for that little individual. When they are harvested and stored properly, they will last a lifetime. In the event of an emergency illness or accident, the stem cells would become very valuable. They are stored for such an emergency and serve as a security and protection for this child for their entire life.That is amazing, and the added benefit is that the siblings are able to share stem cells, and the result has been 50 percent effective. Using a siblings’ stem cells is another benefit that is yours when you collect and store your newborn’s stem cells.It is important to contact StemCyte by the third trimester in order to receive the proper collection kit. Some hospitals may be equipped, but it is better to be prepared. Payments can be extended over a series of months, and you can rest assured that everything has been secured for your infant’s future.

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