The best fitness apps to help you achieve your weight loss, health goals

With the New Year comes another group of people looking to lose weight through dieting and exercising. The best thing about working to lose some pounds or eating healthy this year is that there’s a new batch of great apps to help. It doesn’t have to be complicated or hard to get help thanks to technology.

MyFitnessPal: This app is perfect for people trying to count calories and keep track of what they’re eating. You can customize the app to tell you how many calories you’re allowed and find out how many caloriesyou’veeaten or are about to.

RunKeeper-GPS Track Running Walking Cycling: This app lets you track runs, walks and any other distance related exercise. The app will let you track your progress and even lets you merge data with other health tools.

Gympact: This app has really taken consequences to a whole new level. You tell the app how many days you’ll be in the gym and it will track when you actually go with its GPS. The penalty for skipping a session is $5. You can also make money with the app through all the people who were penalized.

Fooducate: For those looking to know the nutritional values of all food purchased at a grocery store, this app is for you. The app allows you to scanbar codesfrom items and then look at all the health information.

Water Your Body: Most people don’t drink enough water, which can impact how you exercise. This app tracks all the water you drink throughout the day and will remind you to drink more.

For those looking to work out more or eat better, take advantage of the apps that will make your life easier while simultaneously helping you achieve your goals. Fitness and wellnessdoesn’thave to be complicated or hard.

About the Author: Angie Millar is a fitness fanatic who blogs for Chapman Volkswagen. A family ownedbusinessin Phoenix, Arizona.

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