Why Weight Loss and Fitness is Necessary for Good Health

A person’s body weight is a big determinant of their general health status. It reflects whether the person has a long life ahead or whether their lifespan has been reduced into half. The ideal weight for every individual is based on their specific body mass index (BMI). BMI is calculated using the person’s weight and height. It serves to show if one is of normal weight, underweight or obese. Being overweight or obese has negative implications not only on one’s health but also on diet and nutrition. Moreover, being unfit impacts adversely on a person’s productivity at home, school or work.

Being overweight or obese predisposes to dangerous cardiovascular diseases. Top among them is stroke, hypertension and heart failure. These conditions have come to be termed lifestyle diseases mainly because they are triggered by a lifestyle of being unfit and overweight. They are among the leading causes of mortality worldwide. Basically, a weight above normal implies that one has more body fat than is appropriate. This fat is deposited in vital organs such as the heart and liver impairing their function. It also clogs blood vessels leading to raised blood pressure. The quality of life diminishes and so does the lifespan of such individuals.

Fitness of form leads to fitness of mind and consequently promotes the total well being of an individual. There is one sure way that guarantees fitness of body; exercise. Not only does exercise help to burn excess fat and tone muscle but it also helps to boost circulation. The result is a feeling of being refreshed and less fatigued. A well exercised person can manage to work for long hours without feeling immensely exhausted in the middle of a work shift. Consequently, the overall productivity of a person shoots up.

Poor weight control and unhealthy diet and nutrition form a very vicious cycle. One leads to the other and in order to break the chain, one of the problems must be solved. Being overweight places a person in a position of poor dieting since their cravings and feeding habits are not regulated. Their daily diet will tend to have more of processed sugary and fatty foods which are very unhealthy. These types of food provide the feeling of satiety but almost zero nutrients. Conclusively, maintaining the right weight is a form of guarantee for good health. It helps to keep life threatening diseases at bay as well as boost the overall well being of an individual. Stay healthy; watch your weight and fitness and focus on those weight loss plans today!

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