Microbead Pillows and Other Therapeutic Pillows

People who have enjoyed bean bags will absolutely enjoy microbead pillows. Basically, they are both made of polystyrene beads. This explains why they are both spongy and huggable. These pillows, on the other hand, are not totally the same. As such, the size of the beads stuffed on them differs.

A microbead pillow is packed with smaller globules. They are usually around .80 mm in diameter. With this size, the pillow can be morphed according to the part of the body it supports. In other words, it easily adapts to the shaper of the person’s head, arms, or legs. This is a very big factor in orthopedics as comfort and support greatly help people suffering from body aches or any muscular pains recover.

People often confused and compare this pillow with other types if pillows. Since most orthopedic pillows are generally soft, it is very usual for everybody to overlook their differences. First and foremost, no other pillow can morph effectively as microbead. This feature allows people to sleep without disruption. In general, people move as they sleep. They unconsciously twist and turn all throughout the night. Unfortunately, the use of hard pillow will definitely wake people up every time they move. This is because they will have to move and adjust the pillows to their comfort.

Another advantage of these pillows, if compared with others, is that they provide the necessary support to the neck. The human neck is among the major parts of the body that needs care while a person hibernates because it is directly connected to the spinal cord. By neglecting this part of the body, people could suffer from various conditions that might even worsen over time.

Those who have already used pillows stuffed with tiny beads have long said “adieu” to body pain or sore in the morning. This is a common complaint by those who still use stiff pillows. Microbead pillows offer better pressure management because of its globules. As a matter of fact, they even provide a massaging effect to the person thus making a person feel more relaxed while asleep and rejuvenated in the morning.

Finally, microbeaded pillows do not retain heat or absorb moisture. This feature prevents the development of bacteria as with ordinary pillows. This then keeps the sleeper away from allergies or any problem acquired because of heat and moist.

The tiny globules of these pillows offer various therapeutic advantages more than any other pillows. The casing, which is usually spandex also provides significant benefits to the human health.

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