Uses of Microbead Pillows

People basically use pillows to support the neck or others parts of their body. These bedroom must haves are of several types and sizes. There are those that are made for traveling, sleeping and decorating. However, the most popular kind is the one use for sleeping. In the past, pillows were stuffed with cottons or feathers. In fact, this was the reason why they were very soft. Lately, others forms of pillows have been introduced to the market. Instead of the traditional cotton and feather stuffing, the latest kinds are stuffed with different materials like polystyrene beads.

Microbead pillows are among the newer types of pillows offered in the market. As the name suggests such pillows are packed with millions of miniscule beads. Moreover, they only utilize elastic fabric for their casings such as lycra or spandex. The functions of microbead pillows are not limited to providing comfort to people as they sleep. As a matter of fact, they are often use in orthopedics not only as usual pillows but as an alternative way to lessen the pain patients feel after surgeries or therapies.The multitude of beads packed in this kind of pillow make it very conforming to the person’s body. If compared with ordinary pillows, they possess the necessary density to provide comfort.

There are also those who claimed that the use of microbead pillows left them free of muscle aches in the morning. In general, people get up in the middle of the night to rearrange their pillows. Whenever they move, it is often necessary to re-adjust their cushions to the most comfortable position. Those who did not get up at night to re-arrange their pillows suffer from pains on the shoulder blades, neck and even arms.

These pillows are also known to reduce occurrences of migraine. One of the common causes of headaches is insufficient sleep. Those who sleep with harder cushions tend to have disrupted sleep. Although aspirins may actually help, some people prefer to minimize this problem in a more natural way. Of course, there is nothing more natural than enjoying a peaceful and restful sleep in the evening!

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