Picking the Right Food for Your Teeth

Most everyone knows that sleeping with a jolly rancher in your mouth is a surefire way to sponsor some cavity growth on your teeth. What few people do know, however, is what types of food can actually benefit, or at least do less damage, to one’s teeth.

To understand generally what foods and drinks to avoid and which ones to eat and drink to promote good oral health, one must first understand the basics of cavity formation and tooth decay. Cavities form when sugars are introduced into the mouth and fed on by preexisting bacteria living in the human mouth.

This may sound disgusting but bacteria growth in the human mouth is quite natural. Problems begin however when those naturally occurring bacteria consume the sugars that are put into the mouth by way of the food that an individual eats or the drinks they chose to drink.

These sugars are consumed by the bacteria which then produce a highly acidic by product that is deposited on the teeth of the sugar eater. This acid waste from bacteria in the mouth will eat through tooth enamel and the tooth itself to cause decay.

The result from acid eating through both tooth enamel and the tooth itself is the formation of a cavity. Many dentistswish their patients understood that this process as cavity formation means a less than pleasant visit to the dentist’s office to receive a filling.

Dentists in Newton KS also wish to inform their patients what types of foods will help to promote oral and dental health. These foods are generally healthy for the body and a balanced diet is always preferred for the overall health of an individual as well as the health of the mouth of that individual.

With the knowledge that sugar, both naturally occurring within the food and those sugars that are infused into processed foods will cause the formation of cavities in the mouth, the natural deduction would be that eating foods with limited natural and processed sugar is the best food option for dental health. These types of food include proteins like chicken, fish, nuts and beef, and dairy products that have not been altered by sugar such as cheeses and milk.

These food items are not only low in sugar but also have calcium and phosphorus which help to promote tooth health. Other foods are less beneficial for direct tooth health but are a part of a balanced diet, such as fruits and vegetables.

When choosing what types of fruits and vegies to eat, a person should choose those food items that have high water content, such as hard fruits like apples and pear and vegetables like carrots and celery, as the presence of the natural water in these foods will help to mitigate their sugar content.

By choosing to eat and drink healthier forms of foods with low sugar content, and individual can be assured that they are not only eating healthier overall, but are also choosing to eat foods that will help improve their dental health as well.

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