Save Cord Blood

There are many reasons why parents choose to save cord blood from their child’s umbilical cord immediately after birth, but the majority wish to ensure their child has the precious stem cells in case of a future medical problem. Unlike other forms of stem cell treatments the use of umbilical cord blood is not controversial as it is a natural leftover found within the umbilical cord after the infant is born. Company’s, such as StemCyte offer storage facilities where the cord blood is frozen and stored until it is needed in the future to treat a variety of medical conditions.The decision to save cord blood is not often a difficult one with most parents deciding the storing of stem cells for any future transplant is an important step to be taken. Stem cells are often used in modern medicine to treat a number of medical conditions, such as leukemia and certain forms of cancer with an improved recovery time over other treatments. Stem cells are important factors in medical transplants, particularly stem cells as they are flexible and respond quickly to the body and assist in the healing process. The stem cells found in cord blood are described by medical experts as the building blocks of all the blood, tissues and muscles found within the human body.When a parent or carer decides to save cord blood the blood is taken from the umbilical cord immediately after birth and takes a very short time to remove fan sent to a lab for storage. The stem cells held within the umbilical cord are stored for a variety of reasons, including the knowledge of parents that there is a family history of medical problems within a family. In other cases those adopting a child may have a difficult time finding blood relatives of the adopted child to provide stem cells for a possible transplant in the future.Making the decision to save cord blood is one of the most important decisions a parent of family member can make to ensure the good health of their infant relative in later years.

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