Importance Of Physical Examinations

The majority of doctors in the country advocate annual physical examinations for everyone whether they are healthy or currently suffering from a medical condition. The examination is a comprehensive assessment of all body functions. It is used primarily to neutralize any observable arising health problems and keep people in good health. Medical conditions that are harder to beat if not caught early enough, such as cancer or some types of diabetes, can cause serious threat to otherwise healthy individuals, and this is the reason why for many Americans the annual physical examination has pretty much become a ritual.

Experts from top medical schools in the country have done extensive research on the effects and benefits of extensive annual checkups and have concluded that people who received regular thorough medical examinations showed healthy levels of blood pressure and blood sugar,had healthier heartbeats and had much clearer vision and hearing. These are important conclusions, since hypertension has been for a long time a leading cause of death in the country and indeed across the world stage.

People who get regular checkups are much more concerned and aware of their health and take more involved measures to keep healthy including exercising regularly and eating healthy. The result is a continuous state of strength, vigor and productivity that everyone should strive to achieve.

There’s a concern from medical experts about physical examinations and the possibility of over-diagnosis. This has been known to happen, especially when dealing with the elderly or people who suffer lifelong conditions, whereby the doctor administering the test may go overboard when treating perceived ailments or complications. This however, does not suggest that anyone should rethink the whole idea of getting a full checkup once a year: there is no credible medical argument to conclude that regular medical checkups are ineffective in combating modern diseases.

When individuals volunteer for medical checkups, such as in cases of free or sponsored medical screening, in addition to acquiring medical results, they often get additional advice and assistance in keeping healthy and quitting any destructive habits, such as smoking. Smoking has serious destructive effects on the body, but luckily, many of the effects can be slowed down or reversed when one quits smoking. Cutting down on drugs and alcohol also boosts the body’s general health and definitely enhances strength, reduces stress and increases quality of life.

Everyone should take measures to cut down on bad habits and report to their physicians for a full physical examination to observe the changes in their bodies.

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