Learning Tips About The Art of Shaving from a Master Barber

Men’s grooming can difficult for those who have no direction from a father figure and other men. When all else fails, men tend to seek the help of a professional master barber. A master barber will be able to provide essential tips to care for your facial hair. The art of shaving entails knowing your facial hair type, growth patterns, and the best ways to care for it. It is essential to talk to a master barber if you are having issues maintaining your facial hair. A master barber can also tell you how to eliminate razor bumps and the best after shave to use.

Shaving Cream

Men should use shaving cream that is made for their skin and facial hair type. If you have sensitive skin, use a shaving cream or gel for sensitive skin. It might also be beneficial to use a gentle shaving cream formula. Popular men’s grooming companies have warming shaving cream products. Warm shaving cream is necessary to get a clean shave, and your facial hair will be easier to shave when it is soft. Master barbers will either use a warming device for the shaving cream, or place a hot towel on your face to soften the hairs before using the shaving cream.

Razors and Clippers

Getting that perfect clean shave is essential for men that work in corporate settings. They are not allowed to have beards, and most cannot have thick mustaches either. If you want to use a straight razor at home, you can learn a few tricks from a master barber if you need to. Men that don’t know how to use straight razors would rather use commercial razors with multiple blades or clippers. Electric clippers are popular amongst men that prefer to cut their facial and head hair at home. The clippers have adjustment settings and instructions. However, you should be read reviews about clippers if you are going to order them online. Some clippers don’t have numbers or other symbols for adjustment settings. These clippers are best-suited for professional barbers. You will also be required to clean and adjust the clippers on a regular basis. Dirty clippers may lead to bacterial infections and rashes on the head or face. The cleansing and maintenance products include brushes, oil, spray disinfectants, and adjustment devices.

Facial Care

A master barber understands that the art of shaving includes a strict facial care regimen. Facial care may include moisturizers, skin cleaners, and toners. Many men are required to use some type of facial cleanser to remove built-up oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. A master barber might be able to provide tips and suggestions pertaining to the best products to use for your skin or facial hair. It is imperative to use a product that will clear dirt from your pores and beard. Most men prefer for their barber’s to care for their facial hair. Some go to the extent of dying their facial hair, which includes washing hair with a special soap. If you want to grow a beard or need tips about maintaining your facial hair, talk to a master barber.

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