3 Health Benefits from Using Massage Chairs

If you’ve never sat in a massage chair then you are missing out on a wonderful experience. Many people have learned the benefits of a massage chair for themselves and have purchase chairs for their home or office. Massage chairs do more than help you relax. They can align the spine, improve your circulation, and stimulate the release of endorphins.

Align the Spine

When shopping for a massage chair you will want to look for one that reclines. In the reclining position the pressure on your spine is reduced and the spine is supported while at rest. Inside your spine is a series of nerves that branch out to all areas of your body clear down to your fingers and toes. If one of these nerves is pinched or compressed, it can cause major pain or numbness in your extremities. By using a massage chair to reduce the pressure on the spine and then relax the muscles around it the nerves are freed from the constant pressure. It also makes it easier for the brain to send and receive messages through the nervous system if the nerves are free from interference.

Improve Circulation

It’s a well-documented fact that good circulation also means better health and promotes healing. If your muscles are tense and tight they constrict the flow of blood to different areas of the body. Since blood also carries oxygen and nutrients to the organs that remove toxins it’s important that your blood flow freely without complications. One way to improve your circulation is through massage. By relaxing the major muscles in the body you will improve your body’s ability to heal itself. There have also been studies done that show that a person’s immune system can be boosted by massage. If you’ve had an injury, a massage chair can help you heal faster as it stimulates blood flow.

Release Endorphins

Endorphins are the ‘happy’ chemical produced by the body. In order to release endorphins there must be some sort of trigger. This trigger can be as small as smiling, eating a small amount of dark chocolate or listening to good music. A small trigger will release small amounts of endorphins. For larger amounts you need to make more of an effort. You can belly laugh, exercise for 20 minutes a day, socialize or get a massage. Since massage chairs are designed to mimic an actual masseuse, spending time in a massage chair will have the same effect on your body. Endorphins are an all-natural way to fight pain, depression and stress. Endorphins can also help to regulate your appetite, release sex hormones, and increase your immune systems ability to respond to attacks. And, unlike man-made copy cats, endorphins are not habit forming or addictive. Although you will feel so good after 20 minutes in a massage chair that you’ll want to go back again and again. If you miss it a couple of days you don’t go through any withdrawal symptoms and can pick up right where you left off.

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