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Amarillo Chiropractors work with the nervous system directly and indirectly as well. Their goal is to detect and locate subluxations and then correct them.

The process of detection involved an extensive consultation followed by examination, and then some x-rays to determine to what degree the spinal column is misaligned. The vertebrae adjustments are gently made freeing up the nervous system from any interference. This enables the body to heal in a natural manner.

When it comes to the Chiropractic field it is the spine that serves as the pathway to health. It is the protective housing surrounding the spinal cord. Your spinal cord is loaded with nerve fibers that pass through the spinal cord and run back and forth from your brain to the rest of your body. They carry ‘communications’.

All the tissues, cells, and organs in your body receive nerve impulses via these nerve fibers. This is how they are controlled. The nerves transmit sensations (messages) to your brain that control our taste, hearing, sight, touch, and smell.

The body is made up of many systems like the digestive, glandular, circulatory, respiratory, reproductive, and eliminative systems. Our nerves play an intricate part in the running of the entire body and help to keep a balance between systems and to regulate body temperature. They are what make movement possible. So you can see how crucial it is to have a field that deals with this specific part of your body.

Your spinal cord is like the master computer for all your body functions. All your nerve impulses pass through it. When the spinal cord becomes misaligned it can interfere with their normal functioning processes and cause your problems. Most of the causes for these misalignments are due to accidents, bad posture, stress, and various types of injuries. They can be quite painful and also cause malfunctions in your body.

What To Expect From A Visit to Your Amarillo Chiropractor Amarillo:

  • Health History
  • Consultation
  • Clinical Examination
  • X-Rays/Analysis

(1). You can expect to fill out a form (health intake form) on your very first visit. This gives the doctor a record of your current complaints as well as your injury and illness history.

(2). Next you will have a consultation with a doctor and go over this form together. You will cover all former spinal impacts, accidents, sports and recreational injuries, work injuries, and your daily activities.

(3). Now comes the examination. This will be a very thorough posture evaluation. This examination will assist the doctor in determining whether or not you have ‘subluxations’ that are having an affect on your normal natural functioning.

(4). If the examination calls for it your next step will be X-Rays and Analysis. This will let the doctor know how severe the spinal misalignment is. It also reveals what phase of degeneration your spinal column is in as well as potential contraindications of care.

In the second visit all the results will be explained to you and suggestions made for treatment.

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