Vitamin Supplements for Weight Loss

Vitamin supplements in plain words are extra vitamins that you can take in addition to your regular meals to make sure that you get your daily vitamin needs. Supplements comes in tablets, jelly capsules, powders and in liquid forms.

Do you know that some particular vitamins or group of vitamins and minerals can help you in achieving weight loss?

Yes vitamin supplements can help you lose weight. Note that supplements alone will not help you cure or treat obesity. Many people found that supplementing with the right vitamins gives them energy, and with that, motivates them to exercise, go to a gym or join a fitness class.

You have to make sure that the vitamin supplement are of the highest quality. How to find if you can trust a vitamin brand or manufacturer? You have to do a research.

You can find top quality supplements that gives benefits on a lot of reputable sources, you can start here in the internet.

Below are 2 vitamins that are known to boost energy levels.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a hormone synthesized by the body from exposure to sunlight and also can be provided by food sources and supplements. According to a Shanghai Study published in Unbound Medline PubMed on January 2013, Vitamin D together with Calcium accelerates the fat burning process.

In this study, 53 students were involved. 26 students took vitamin D and calcium supplements daily for 12 weeks together with 27 students without supplements as placebo. All of them have to exercise a maximum of 20 minutes 3 times daily.

When the study was finished, both groups achieved significant weight loss but the amount loss difference between the two were very small, now the exciting part here is that the target group lose a lot more visceral fat.

Visceral fat is the thick fat in between internal body organs that is very hard to lose. It is very unhealthy fats.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is the biggest in the vitamin B group in molecular terms, and comes in the supplement forms of cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin. B12 is required in creating the myelin, the DNA and red blood cells of the body.

It is clinically used to prevent pernicious anemia, an illness of dangerously low red blood cells, which causes the sufferer to feel weak and fatigued.

There is no solid evidence yet that Vitamin B12 causes weight loss, but many weigh loss centers in the US and around the world, uses B12 in the form of liquid injection, for clients to improve energy levels and increased metabolism.

With this new found energy, individuals are now motivated to do physical activities that they were not enthusiastic about before, which eventually leads to weight loss.

Taking vitamin supplements can help in losing weight. While supplements should never be used as a substitute for healthy eating, it can make slimming down a few pounds a lot easier. Consider taking them in tandem with exercise and a healthy balanced diet.

Author Information: Mary Sanchez is a natural health enthusiast and a freelance writer. She loves to research about alternative medicine and natural products. For fitness, she do yoga.

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