Wake Up Early for a Healthier Lifestyle

While health benefits are not so directly related to early rising, there are strong correlations of healthy lifestyles and early morning risers.

While studies have shown strong correlations between early risers and success, studies that prove direct health benefits are not as common. This doesn’t mean, however, that your health is not affected depending on what time you wake up. While direct health benefits may be harder to pin down, there are strong correlations between healthy habits and early rising.

Sleep routines

Individuals and families that wake up early tend to go to bed early and have more established sleeping routines. These routines lend to people getting the right amount of sleep and feeling better in the morning when they wake up. Getting the right amount of shuteye is proven to help an individual’s body, nervous system and brain function as it should, helping combat against sickness and other disorders. While waking up early may not automatically make you a healthier person, it may help you establish routines that benefit your health and your life.


Waking up early and habits of exercise have been found hand in hand, as early risers are often found to feel energized and motivated to start the day. Rising early gives people the mental perspective they need without feeling rushed into other things and forgetting about other aspects that are important for a healthy lifestyle. After a goodnight’s sleep, other health-benefitting habits are easier to acquire and focus on.


Mental health

This aspect of health has been explored in benefiting directly from rising early, as studies show that people who wake up earlier usually enjoy a happier demeanor. According to a University of Toronto Canada team of researchers, people wake up earlier generally have better health conditions and feel happier than when they sleep in. Some studies have explored ideas that those who stay up late and sleep in late are more prone to depression than those who go to bed early and wake up early. Those who rise early generally feel less stressed because they are not jumping out of bed late for work again or whatever is planned for the day. They have almost a clearer view of the day because they give themselves time to plan and prepare for the day. Getting the right amount of sleep also benefits mental and emotional health directly.

Healthy Eats

Those who wake up earlier tend to have healthier diets, thus effecting and benefiting their health. This is often the case because they have time to eat breakfast in the morning—rather than stopping in at a drive-thru to pick up a high calorie breakfast burrito or skipping breakfast altogether—and planning ahead for lunch and dinner, too.

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