An Introduction to Memory Foam Mattresses

Visco-elastic polyurethane foam doesn’t roll off the tongue very easily so the material these mattresses are made from is most commonly known as memory foam. Memory foam reacts to heat and pressure; when you lie down you will heat up the mattress and it will start taking on the shape of your body; once you get up it will return to its original state again and be ready for your next night of sleep.

You can get mattresses that are made out of memory foam only, others are sprung mattresses with a memory foam top layer. If you get a mattress that only has a memory foam top layer make sure that this layer is thick enough to give you all the benefits of a memory foam mattress – 9cm should suffice. A huge benefit of these mattresses is that they spread out the body weight very evenly, which reduces pressure on the joints and can bring relieve letting you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Memory foam has its origins in the 1960s when NASA researched more secure aircraft padding. In the 1980s the material became available to everybody and it wasn’t long before the first cheap memory foam mattresses entered the bedding market.

There are two things you should look out for in a memory foam mattress. The first one is the firmness of the foam. You will find the firmness labelled as either ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) or IFD (Indentation Force Deflection). These two abbreviations are interchangeable – they described the force needed to make a one inch dent into a 15x15x4 inch chunk of the mattress using a disc with an 8 inch diameter. Most mattresses will have an IFD between 10 and 16. The lower the number of the IFD, the softer the mattress.

The second thing you should look out for is the density. It is usually measured by giving the weight of 1m3 of the mattress. It is important to know that higher density does not mean that your mattress will be firmer. A high density memory foam mattress will have a higher life expectancy and is heavier as the foam will be more densely packed leaving less space between the cells.

Memory foam mattresses have become quite affordable and you can get a decent one for about 130 Pounds. Prices then go up depending on quality and size of the mattress. For a wide range of high quality mattresses visit Express Mattresses UK.

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