Five Herbals to Improve Your Digestion

Merely everyone of us faces such health problems as a stomach pain, heartburn, aerocolia and stomach convulsions. Herbal tea is one of the most effective and beneficial remedies for your digestion which can help you to avoid these extremely unpleasant symptoms.

Herbal 1 Peppermint

Peppermint is one of the most ancient medical plants; its dry leaves are used to make different medicinal oils. The most precious ingredient of peppermint is menthol; it can soothe the pain, antiseptics, moreover, it possesses the cooling and spasmolytic effect. Peppermint can be used to calm the stomach convulsions. However, you should remember, that if you have gallstones, you shouldn’t drink this tea until you consult your doctor.

Herbal 2 Ginger

Ginger is one of the most popular Asian herbals. The ingredients of its rhizome stimulate salivation, gastric juice and gall, thus, it suits ideally for digestion improvement. Ginger also helps to avoid the sickness and is famous for its antioxidant activity.

It enriches ideally the taste of meat dishes, fish, vegetables and baking. You can add a piece of ginger when you infuse the tea.

Herbal 3 Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most popular aromatic spices in Mediterranean kitchen. Its leaves contain the essence with tanning agent, volatile production, camphene, cineol etc. It is also greatly appreciated in hospitals as an effective spasm remedy. It can be added to meat, spaghetti, salads and fish.

Herbal 4 Dandelion

As a rule, the dandelion is unfairly associated only with the weed. However, this plant contains a number of essential components like bitterness, amino acids and mineral elements. Dandelion rhizome produces choleretic and, sometimes, laxative effect. Dandelion tea improves your digestion greatly.

Herbal 5 Caraway

Caraway is a plant from umbellate family. Its fruit is used as a spice and as a recovery component. The essence from the caraway fruit stimulates the gastric juice secretion and produces the relaxing effect. Caraway is one of the best plants to struggle against the bloating.

So, you can definitely understand that our Mother Nature has an inexhaustible resource for our wellness. We should be just more attentive to what surrounds us and take benefits from it. Be healthy and happy, remember, that there is no more important thing except our health. We have only one life, try to do everything possible to prolong it.

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