Getting on an Affordable Health Insurance Plan in School

If there was any insurance to purchase as a student, it would be healthcare. You can live without a car and hence don’t have to pay for auto insurance.

You can visit a dentist for teeth cleaning at a reasonable price without dental insurance. Unless you’re hoarding a $10,000 laundry basket in your room, renter’s insurance might not be worth it to you.

Good health insurance for college students is something you can’t predict when you’ll need. You never know when you’re going to trip and break an arm in the fall, or catch the next swine flu epidemic, needing the immediate and expensive care of a professional.

Health insurance protection is well worth the price, whereas the other insurance options can be avoided if you simply can’t afford one. If you’re looking for a good health insurance for college students, take a look at a few great options below.

Recent legislation (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) has extended the amount of time you can stay covered under your parent’s health plan. In some cases, those plans are paid for by the company, not out of the employee’s paychecks.

Sometimes all you need to get good health insurance for college students is to stay on the plans established by your parent’s employer. If they’re not paying extra for the coverage, then your coverage can come free.

Even if your parents’ plan isn’t free, you can usually get better quality coverage for a cheaper price as a part of the family plan. When you have the opportunity, stay with the family plan for as long as you can.

If your parents don’t want you to stay on their plan, they don’t have one, or you simply want to become completely self-reliant, check out the campus options. Many colleges provide good health insurance for college students at an affordable rate.

At BYU, you can often receive good, standard coverage for a full year at just over $100. Other universities often have discounted prices to help their students along.

Although it doesn’t give you the peace of mind of absolute coverage for any problem, it does offer coverage for most of the sicknesses or injuries you could come across. You’ll be more surprised by what it can do than what it couldn’t.

Also take a look into local urgent care facilities. Although you wouldn’t think you could find insurance at a healthcare facility, some urgent care options do carry cheaper care for those with lower levels of income.

Call around the various facilities to find out if they have simple insurance options to take care of immediate needs. At the Urgent Care in Orem, you can get a year of coverage for just $30.

Not only that, but the cost of care drops significantly to make the process more affordable for the customer. That insurance only works within the facility, but it is a good health insurance option for college students that couldn’t afford more.

These are a few of the cheaper options to getting helpful health insurance for college students. Explore your options and see what coverage you can afford.

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