Chai Tea Concentrate

If your looking for a healthy drink look no further.  You can now get a very good Chai Tea Concentrate that for centuries has been enjoyed by many different cultures around the world.

Chai is a rich black tea that is served with milk and honey and is believed to contain many spices that contribute to the health benefits of this tasty drink.

What makes Chai Tea a healthy drink is that it contains quite a large amount of antioxidents .  As you may already know, antioxidents will help improve your immune system which in turn will help prevent you from getting sick.

There are many studies, one in particular comes from The National Cancer Research Institute in Tokyo, Japan, that states that  Chai is a powerful ingredient that can be used to inhibit cancer and help reduce the damage that chemotherapy causes to white blood cells.

There are many ways you can enjoy Chai Tea.  Perhaps the easiest is to go down to your local Starbucks and order up a glass.  Sure you’ll have to pay a hefty price for the convience, but that is what specialty shops are all about.

If you are like me you will order a Chai Tea Concentrate online and make the delicious drink yourself at home.  Did you know that Chai Tea can be enjoyed both hot or iced?

You can purchase Chai Tea Concentrate for about $5.50 for a 32oz cartoon.  Not a bad price compared to what you would pay to have someone else prepare it for you.

Chai Tea has approximately the same amount of caffenie as a lightly brewed cup of coffee.  The difference is that a Chai Tea Concentrate will make a better tasting drink that is also healthy!

Fat Burning Vegetables

If you’re wanting to lose body fat, you’re probably wondering what the easiest way is to lose it and whether exercising is enough to keep the fat off. Well, though exercising is one piece of the puzzle, you also need to consume fat burning vegetables.

Remember when your parents used to say “Eat your veggies, they’re good for you”? Well they were right. Most vegetables are natural fat burning foods and probably the healthiest types of foods you can eat. They not only contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fiber but are also naturally low in fat. Here are three fat burning vegetables you should add to your diet:

Broccoli is often referred to as a super food. It’s packed with calcium, Vitamin C both of which are known to aid in fat loss by increasing your metabolic rate. Research has even revealed that broccoli has significant chromium in it which helps protect you body from blood sugar conditions such as diabetes. Lastly, broccoli is loaded with antioxidants, some of which help prevent certain cancers.

Asparagus is best known for it’s high source of vitamin E, which aids in the treatment of arthritic type conditions. Asparagus naturally increases your metabolism and is also a natural diuretic which aids in eliminating waste from the body. It also contains high amounts of folic acid which is critical for your cell maintenance and repair.

Tomatoes, though some may argue are a fruit, have many fat burning qualities. They are naturally high in Vitamin C and malic-oxalic acid both of which boost your metabolism thus increase fat burn. Tomatoes are also essentially a fatless vegetable which is why they are often used in weight loss diets.

These are just a few fat burning vegetables to add to your fat burning diet. Remember, lose fat the healthy and natural way to achieve lasting results.

Health In A Can: Cheap, Tasty & Really Really Good For You

Pic: oceanaris

Part of the reason I started this blog was so that I could write on things that I am passionate about. I love researching, talking and discussing everything to do with health and fitness. It impacts a lot on my life, and outside of my Volleyball it’s my main focus. There are certain things I write about because I see a trend in a gym, or in the industry that I want to discuss, clarify or completely discredit. Sometimes I just write about things because I love them. I love Tuna.

Tuna rocks. Really, it is a great food. I get that it is an acquired taste, and some of my friends gag when I get my tuna dishes out. I think it all started with my father. His famous and most eaten dish right through my childhood was Tuna based. Lettuce, Tomato, maybe some Carrot, a LOT of low fat Italian Dressing, two cans of Tuna, some sliced cheese…all topped with Tomato Sauce (Ketchup for you Americans). Disgusting eh. It really does stink the kitchen out. And no, I’m not going to add it to my list of recommended recipes. What I am trying to get at is, I was bought up with Tuna around my house, and I love it. I’m an athlete, and I live alone in a foreign country and I’ll be honest, my cooking skills are minimal. I love Tuna on Rice, with a bit of Sweet Chili sauce, I love it in Salads (minus the Tomato Sauce), I love Tuna bakes (even if I have safety issues with hot ovens) and I love Tuna on top of Veggies (with a bit of Pasta Sauce and Cheese).

What Is So Good About Tuna?

Mmm, for one, it’s very tasty. But that’s subjective.

  • Tuna is a great source of lean protein. Protein is essential to building muscle.
  • Tuna has high quality protein that is easily digestible.
  • Low in Saturated Fat.
  • It’s pretty cheap.
  • It is a low cholesterol food.
  • Tuna is a rich source of nutrients that are essential to healthy and balanced diets.
  • It has a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids, which have been shown to
    • lower the risk of heart disease,
    • ease joint pain,
    • reduce asthma complications,
    • and are essential in the growth of young children.

Tuna…get on it.