Fountain of Youth

As the saying goes, “beauty has a price.” Well, one cannot deny the fact that being beautiful has its perks and advantages but one has to pay time, effort and money to become one; unless, you are perfect like the gorgeous models and Hollywood stars. However, even they, pay to stay perfect as they are since beauty is their asset. Gorgeous model and stars must have finally found the fountain of youth in the form of the best anti-aging creams available. Many creams are present in the market from low end to high end brands, from natural ingredients like coconut oil and green tea to exotic ones like the placenta and cow’s brains. Relatively, the market is not concern with the ingredients but rather the effects it produces, “the end justifies the means” mentality.

Different experts and beauty companies have varying opinion to what ingredients must be present in the formulation of anti aging vitamins and creams. Dr. Oz in a particular episode at the Oprah show recommends anti aging products with resveratrol, matrixyl 3000 and fatty acids. Resveratrol is a red wine extract that is believed to beneficial effects to the skin’s elasticity and softness. Moreover, Matrixly 3000 evens out fine and deep wrinkles. Whereas, fatty acids increase sloughing off of dead skin cells while maintaining its moisture.

A well known Hollywood dermatologist, Dr. Murad advises the use appropriate anti aging creams for your skin type and to focus on other factors that affects aging such as lifestyle, food intake and stress. He emphasized that stress is the main reason for aging. It is best to combat stress with healthy greens and refreshing fruits, rejuvenating exercise work outs and a youthful mental health. Skin experts would often say that, “Applying the sunblock a day keeps the wrinkles away.”

Furthermore, an article from Cosmo magazine suggested that the best aging cream is sunblock. UVA and UVB from the sunrays cause destruction in the skin collagen and give us an old and haggard face. Other product like eye creams is also mentioned to deal with sagging eye bags, dark eye circles and crow’s feet. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and fragile that is reveals the real age of the person.

Four Tips for Your Anti-Aging Strategy

Have you ever met someone who told you their age and you couldn’t believe it because they looked so much younger than their age? And the opposite has happened too where you’ve met someone and found out they were much younger than they looked! What made the difference you asked yourself? Certainly, heredity sometimes factors in. When all known people that we didn’t think would ever look any older – and we envied them –  but eventually it catches up with them too.

It’s more than a roll of the dice for youthful genes though. Often lifestyle factors make the difference between someone looking prematurely old and those who seem to never change. Consider the points made below and see if they don’t seem to ring true for the differences you’ve noticed in others. And then, take it to heart!

Sun-Exposure. People who’ve “laid-out” much of their lives to get that coveted bronze tan not only roll the roulette wheel on skin cancer, but also permanently damage their skin. It’s only a matter of time before that damage begins to show up on the surface of the skin. Those wrinkles actually start beneath the skin and manifest themselves on the outside as we age. Dermatologists preach it over and over, to wear a good sunscreen when you are in the sun.

Smoking. Another of many reasons to stop smoking is that it depletes the skin of collagen witch in turn leads to fasting aging of the skin. Haven’t you noticed smokers whose skin is very wrinkled especially around the eyes and the lips? This doesn’t mean if a person stops smoking that the wrinkles are going to go away, but at least the damage can be stopped.

Diet. You are what you eat. When it comes to helping your skin, antioxidants are key. That means just as mom told you eat your fruits and vegetables. If smoking diminishes collagen then vitamins E and C help to restore it. Omega 3’s are also important at the cellular level to increase the moisture in the skin. Eating fish is good, and fortunately many products now come with Omega 3. You can take additional supplements in pill form to make certain you are getting all that you need. While we are on diet, many studies have indicated the value of green tea to our health in many respects including skin health.

Finally, realize that you are not totally at the mercy of time in maintaining your youthful looks. There are lifestyle things you can do to ward off the effects of time. Eventually even the most careful will show signs of age however. There are anti-aging cosmetics that can help. There are no anti aging products that can remove wrinkles, but they can give your skin an appearance of being more energetic and youthful.

Vitamins for Anti Aging

Here’s a way to “ACE” the aging process by increasing the daily intake of these vitamins for anti aging: vitamins A, C, and E.

Anti-oxidant Vitamins A, C, and E, are part of a group of substances that are considered high in their value vitamins for anti aging. Simply put, these vitamins fight the corrosive effects of free radicals that attack healthy cells as a part of the general aging process. Looking at each one of these vitamins will give some insight to their value as vitamins for anti aging, and help guide those in search of the foods that include these vitamins for anti aging in greatest quantities.

First on this list of vitamins for anti aging is vitamin A. Vitamin A comes in to the body in two forms. First of all, vitamin A is included in animal foods like beef liver or can enter the body in beta carotene, which the body then converts to vitamin A. Any of the collard green family, including spinach is an excellent source of beta carotene. Great dosages of vitamin A are not needed but it serves an important function in the preservation of eyesight and the lubrication of mucous membranes.

Second on the ACE list of vitamins for anti aging is vitamin C. Vitamin C is a master at killing free radicals and therefore plays an important role in helping to maintain cell health during the aging process. Vitamin C is one of the water soluble vitamins for anti aging and is most easily brought in to the body through juices such as orange and other citrus juices, green peppers and tomatoes.

Finally on our AC-the-aging-process list of vitamins for anti aging is vitamin E. Aging and cell oxidation are nearly synonymous and vitamin E is another of those vitamins that are anti-oxidants because they fight free radicals within the system. However vitamin E is different from its “ACE” team members in that it is a fat soluble vitamin and is stored within the fat tissues of the body. Huge dosages of vitamin E are not required, the average adult male requirement being not more than ten to twelve milligrams daily. Excellent sources of vitamin E are peanut butter, egg yolks and nuts.

Vitamins A, C, and E are excellent vitamins for anti aging that fight the aging process within a balanced diet. They are plentiful in all healthy diets and are easy to maintain in proper balance by enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables.

3 Strategies and Hints Regarding Anit-Aging

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