Invoke awareness about giving blood

Many people do not realize the importance of giving blood. We give blood only in a situation when some of our near and dear one suffers from some illness and requires blood. Many a time accident victims require blood urgently due to heavy blood loss because of the accident. And at that point it becomes important to give the patient lots of blood or its components to help him come out of the problem. We do not appreciate how important that one unit of blood can be until someone close to us goes through crisis.

Some of us are very casual about giving blood, like we do it just because our friends are doing.  While some of us do it because we feel some one close to us might need it. What ever be the reason, what is important is that you have decided to give your blood and save some lives. It is the right thing to do. The need for blood is always there and we can fulfill it by just a small gesture. To give blood you must be prepared for it. There are a few things you must keep in mind. Ensure that you do not have a medical history which could create a problem.

You must have some light meal and lots of liquids before and after you donate blood.  If you have a donor’s card, driving license or any other forms of identification, do not forget to carry the same. If you are under some kind of medication, do not forget to either carry the prescription or at least take the list of names of medicines you are taking with you. This helps the staff at blood bank to decide if they can take your blood. The entire donation process is extremely fast. As many of us might be thinking, it is not at all time consuming.

Blood donations are usually carried out at the centers but at times there are special blood donation camps which are put up especially to encourage people to donate. These camps are a good idea to promote blood donation as there is almost always a dearth of blood. We require more and more individuals to come forward and donate their precious blood and save lives. One single unit of blood is enough to save at least 3-4 people. We should make it a habit to do this noble deed at least once a month.