Does the Fungus Candida cause Yeast Infections?

The fungus Candida is commonly known as yeast infection; bacteria that infects the body’s sensitive areas. Excess growth of Candida results in irritation and often a burning feeling around the infected area. Typically yeast infections occur where there is moisture such as around the mouth and the vagina. If left untreated, yeast infections can lead to more serious conditions such as rashes,  permeable gut, muscular pains,or memory loss. There are a lot of remedies out there, so you will need to choose the yeast infection treatment that is best for you.

Treatments for yeast infections include medications and natural remedies. The more popular of the two are the natural remedies as they are considered safer and are as effective as medications. Natural remedies go to the source of the problem of Candida growth and lower the risk of further occurrences.

Natural Yeast Infection Treatments

Of all the possible natural remedies, garlic is the most popular. Garlic contains anti-fungal properties and can help the yeast growth stabilize inside the body. It can be routinely orally consumed or can be applied directly to the areas of infections. It provides relief from pain and inflammation associated with the yeast infection.

Yogurt is the other commonly used treatment for yeast infections. Yogurt contains lactobacillus acidophilus, a bacterium that enables the increased formation of “good” bacteria which fights the Candida. The yogurt used should be plain with no sugar added. It also should be used for short periods of time as it will increase itchiness if used for extended periods.

Other anti-fungal agents such as oil from the tea tree or vinegar made from apple cider can be mixed into a bath of warm water and also help in body cleansing. These natural ingredients provide relief from the itching. Most importantly, maintaining good hygiene by making sure the infected areas are kept clean and free from moisture will aid in the eliminatin of the infection. Using these natural remedies can provide the safest protection and are the best methods of the treatment for a yeast infection.

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