Learn To Measure Leanness

There's no end to the type of emails I'll get on a regular basis. One of these types are men telling be about their 8% body composition. Come on.« Continue »

How To Stay Fat For Life

Hey there old friend, it’s me! I’m your special spare tire that you love so much. After all that eating and loafing we’ve done, I’m feeling really, really good right now.« Continue »

Reduce By 3 Lbs in 7 Days

For a week to see you lose several pounds is undoable to some people, but if you’re committed to a wise fat loss program and willing to sprinkle in some aerobics, you will discover that such a goal is well within your reach. This is something you can do as the weeks fly by as you build a better you every day. Talk about your goals in the best weight loss forum.« Continue »

Master Wellness As Part Of Fitness Routine

You’ve probably not missed much of cholesterol’s journey through the news media in recent times. The awareness has been a good thing, and I think a lot of people have benefited from it. Something that has escaped general awareness though is that there is actually good cholesterol that is important to good health.« Continue »

Secrets To A Fantastic Body

You can sculpt your body with body powered exercises that are done in the privacy of your home, leaving the aerobic machines for someone else. You can do these movements in a group to get powerful results in a short time period. Results are going to be much better than you could get doing cardio.« Continue »