The Hidden Existence Of Generic Pharmaceuticals

When it comes to discussing the truth about , we must first start off with what exactly constitutes a generic.Generics are copies of brand named drugs and are made only when the patent on the original has expired. Therefore, not all brand named drugs have a generic version. According to rules regulated by the FDA, generics have to be the bioequivalent of the innovator drug.« Continue »

The Widespread Usage Of Generic Prescriptions

The usage of generic drugs is quite common in this day and age. Oftentimes the pharmacist will fill a prescription with a non brand name instead of the name brand unless the doctor specifically orders the latter. Using these medications should be up to the patient to decide.« Continue »

Are Generic Drugs Most Suitable For Me?

When you have left a prescription at the pharmacy you may have been asked whether you would like to take a generic medication. Many people do not really understand what this means and so they decide to err on the side of caution and stick to the brand name drug. If you do take a regular medication, then it is worth knowing about generic drugs and whether they may be suitable for you.« Continue »