Choosing the Best Protein Shakes

One of the most required and important nutrient in the body is protein. Its single molecule contains a combination of 22 amino acids and protein is known as the building blocks for hormones, DNA, muscles, liver, immune cells, enzymes, glands and kidneys. This is why it is essential to have sufficient amount of proteins to enable the body’s proper function.

Protein shakes are being sold in the market in the form of a dry powder. This can be mixed with milk or water to create protein shakes. There are different sources of protein shakes that you can choose from – casein, whey, soy, and egg. For those who are trying to build muscles and learning how to lose weight fast, consuming protein shakes after a rigorous workout is recommended. Aside from the powdered protein shakes, there are those that you can easily prepare at home.

Best Protein Shakes: Sample Recipe

  • Soy-Berry Protein Shake
    • Ingredients: 2 cups of unflavored soymilk, 1 cup fresh raspberries, 1 cup fresh strawberries, 1 tablespoon of honey and three ice cubes.
    • Preparations: Start by chopping the raspberries and the strawberries. Mix the berries along with the soymilk and honey then put it all in a blender. Add the ice cubes before blending all the ingredients together until it forms a texture as that of a smoothie. Your protein shake can be topped with berries before serving.

Including Protein Shakes into your Diet

Protein shakes can be used as a nutritional supplement since it is a good source of protein. It can be very helpful to those who are trying to lose weight and maintain a good body builds. However, you should remember that the ingredients in your protein shake should all come fresh and unprocessed. Avoid using preserved or processed ingredients in your shake, as this may not help you in your goal at all. Using all natural ingredients can help notch up your shake’s nutritional value. Make sure to examine the nutrients included in your shake and try to determine the benefits it can give your body. Before deciding which protein shake to choose, make sure to consider your goal. It can be for weight loss, weight gain or for muscle building. Once you have determined the purpose of using protein shakes, then you can now select the ingredients that can help you achieve your goal as well as your desired effect. Remember that protein shakes can provide you all the nutrition you need as long as you are using it properly.

More on Amino Acids

You probably are wondering about what amino acids are what exactly they for are so here are some tidbits on amino acids.

Amino acids are organic acids that come from protein. When we eat protein containing products such as meat, our body breaks down the protein so it can be digested in a simpler form. This is the amino acid.

Amino acids are colorless and are tiny crystalline substances that are soluble in water and are easily diffusible. When we have amino acids in our body, this means that our body can break down the protein we take.

Amino acids serve a good purpose in our body. They are necessary in building up cells of living organisms therefore we can say that they are also needed in the repair of damaged areas in the body especially when the protein breaks down during metabolism. They therefore help in the wear and tear process.

Amino acids are also protein storages. This goes for such cases such as our grandparents. There are some amino acids which cannot be synthesized by the body and they are called essential amino acids. We need these nutrients too for the function of our bodies.

Amino acids also help in the synthesis process. They synthesize bile acids, plasma proteins, hemoglobin, hormones, milk proteins in breast feeding mothers, and a lot of other enzymes and hormones that we produce I our body.

Amino acids also give us the energy that we need. They also help in the excretion of harmful toxins inside our body. Without amino acids, we might not be able to have wastes excreted from our body and we could get sick.

Amino acids are essential in our lives. They help our body function to its best performing state. Take note, amino acids are always essential to the growth and maintenance of life.

Harvin Gulfill is the editor of Proteintilskud. Here you can also read more about Aminosyrer.

Cheap Juicers: Breville BJE200XL Is Good

The Breville BJE200XL is most certainly one of the best budget juicers on the market today. This machine costs less than $100 to buy. It is in fact the lowest cost model in the Breville line up of centrifugal juicing appliances but it still packs a punch. It has lots of the features of the more expensive models. Its motor is powerful too. This machine spins its central filter basket so fast that it only takes a matter of seconds to convert a bowl of fruit and vegetables into a healthy and nutritious drink.

There are lots of different styles of juicers on the market these days. But if you want a cheap machine then the best option is a centrifugal machine. These are the ones that can make juices quickest which is nice. There are other styles as well. For example, masticating juicers work at a slower pace but they have the advantage that they can extract wheat grass juice and also because they work more slowly they are thought to be less damaging to the nutrients that the fruits and vegetables contain.

That is right. With the high speeds that centrifugal juicers operate, there is a bit of heat that is generated. When the temperature of the extracted juice is raised, even slightly, this speeds up the oxidation processes. This has a detrimental effect upon the nutrients and means that the juice should really be drunk as soon as possible for us to get the maximum health benefits.

But overall, centrifugal juicers like the Breville BJE200XL offer us the ability to make juices so quickly and easily that this negative aspect is out weighed for many of us by their convenience. What you look for in the juicers that are sold today is something that you have to consider carefully.

Eating High Alkaline Foods For Health

Followers of the alkaline diet ensure that they eat a diet that is high in alkaline foods. This may seem difficult to understand if you do not yet know anything about this diet but in actual fact it is pretty simple. It turns out that an easy way to think of alkaline foods is as fruit and vegetables. Everyone knows, or should do, that including a reasonable amount of fresh produce in our diet is a good thing. It is just that people interested in this way of describing their diet perhaps think about things in a slightly different way than the rest of us.

I have been interested in the alkaline acid diet for a few years now. What I like about it is that it does not focus on weight loss as so many other diets do. Instead, this way of eating is first and foremost about health. This is a better way of looking at well being in my opinion than our weight. My own personal weight is underweight if anything so trying to loose weight is definitely not something that I am interested in.

High alkaline foods are not directly related to the pH value of the raw food. For example, oranges and lemons contain citric acid and in their natural state are acidic. But when we eat them and they are metabolized by our bodies, they actually have an alkalizing effect. This may seem strange. However it is to do with the minerals contained within these fruits that is the determining factor in what is alkaline and what is acidifying.

Proteins cause foods to have an acidifying effect upon our body. While other elements such as potassium and magnesium help to give foods their alkaline properties. Fruits and vegetables contain little protein and reasonable amounts of the other minerals which gives them their alkalizing effects.

Best Fish Oil – Your Basic Knowledge About Fish Oil!

Nature, for men has been the sole and the primary reliance for nutrition and different sources and needs that make life easier. For much of the years that have built the foundations of medicine, nature has become medicine’s sole producer of subjects. These are so called subjects whether they may be used for certain experiments like defining the nature of a disease, a cure for a disease and even for the search of new essential nutrients that can help men achieve the health to ward off diseases and other ailments. And just like its usual role, nature has once again portrayed that it must not be taken for granted in the form of essential nutrients that can be found in some of nature’s off springs-the fish.

For most people fish has become a source of income for regardless of social standing as well as a significant source of food and nutrient like iodine. However, tuna and salmon among the long line of family of fishes which only God knows how many, have been found to have the richest sources of best fish oil, or the essential fatty acids. Omega 3 as they are called or n-6 fatty acids scientifically, has gained attention when research and science have found out that these essential fatty acids help in certain processes in the body. It has been linked to the development of a supportive and a defensive aspect of the kidneys, dermal or skin integrity and digestion as well. In the market, you may have encountered several sources of fatty acids being offered like plant sources. These may include flaxseed and linseed oil. However, these sources have been found to be less efficient in preventing heart diseases and protecting the cardio vascular system than their fish-source counterparts. This is due to the fact that when taken orally, the plant source fatty acid may take a longer time for the body or the gastro intestinal system to be specific, making it harder to break down. It may also have less efficient effect since it can only be converted to ala and not DHA or EPA, both of which are essential for the human biology. So it is better to opt for fish source of fatty acids.

There have been several studies that have proven that people with exercise, medication, diet and along with the best fish oil, have shown significant weight loss and reduction with the risks of heart diseases as well as cancer. It has also been found to increase survival rate for prostate cancers with less tumor growth.